Charlotte Asphalt Resurfacing

No matter how well the construction of pavement was done when initially installed, over time all paving eventually starts to break down and show signs of aging. You may notice cracks appearing, sections sinking or sticking up due to roots growing, or it may start to look unsightly with stains.

At first it may seem the only viable option would be to completely replace the existing pavement, however, in a lot of cases, we can easily remedy these issues and save you some money with an asphalt resurfacing.

Neighborhood Resurfacing opt3What is Asphalt Resurfacing?

An asphalt overlay is a layer of asphalt that is laid right over your existing pavement.

This is done after the current pavement is repaired.  We don’t start immediately paving until we go over the problems and fill or repair all potholes and fix any other damages. Should we find any real severe damage, we generally just remove that area and apply a new patch to be safe.

Low spots can cause water to pool which is the greatest enemy of asphalt. Those spots will be milled to even out the surface, and then the pavement will be cleaned off. We then will lay down your new layer of asphalt, we’re always careful to ensure no water or moisture is left before doing our work. Resurfacing makes it look just like new, is less expense than replacing your entire pavement, and has a similar life expectancy.

If your asphalt is struggling but isn’t in the worst shape, resurfacing is a perfect money-saving solution.

How do you tell if your Pavement is a Candidate for Resurfacing?

The ideal candidates for resurfacing are going to have very little to no damage to the pavement’s foundation and don’t have bad damage to more than a third of the surface.

Asphalt resurfacing can be laid down on both concrete and asphalt pavements. An experienced paving contractor would need to come out and thoroughly evaluate your pavement.  

Once the resurfacing has been completed, it’s time to go for seal coating and then line striping. Seal coating is the secret to longer lasting asphalt pavements. If properly maintained, an asphalt resurfacing can provide 15 years or more of useful life, making it a cost-effective method of rejuvenating aging pavement. If the paving contractor approves an asphalt resurfacing, it will save you money long-term and gives you all the same benefits of a brand-new piece of paving.

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