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SMI Paving is here to help you with all of your asphalt paving needs in the Rock Hill SC area, from small repairs to complete removal and replacement, we’re the paving company that you need.

Paving has a lot of little quirks to it that can only be picked up in due time. If you want a paving job to last you for a long time, you need professional pavers doing the work. Not ensuring the work is done correctly could lead to intense repairs or full-on replacement being needed in mere years. From paving your driveway to a parking lot for your business complex, we can handle any paving job that you need. For something that we want to serve you well for many years to come, it’s worth always putting in that extra effort.

Rock Hill’s Asphalt Contractors

SMI Paving’s group of skilled paving contractors provide the highest quality asphalt paving services across the Rock Hill area. Our team has handled asphalt paving jobs in difficult to reach driveways and huge office parking lots, we know what comes with jobs in the Rock Hill area and the biggest things we need to look out for. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small home parking lot or a long sidewalk around your storefront, we can get the job done. Learn more about our commercial asphalt paving services here.

Driveway Paving

Your driveway is a massive part of your home’s overall look and curb appeal. Whether you are trying to sell later on or you plan to remain there forever, a new driveway is always a plus. Many people don’t realize their driveways only have a certain effective lifespan. At some point, it’s going to start needing repairs and eventually to be replaced. A good deal of people hardly ever think about the condition of their driveways, and that’s a mistake. A driveway in disrepair just makes a bad first impression. Learn more about our driveway paving services here.

Pavement Milling

Pavement milling and asphalt overlaying go hand-in-hand. It’s more complex in application, but put simply milling is the process of removing the top layers of damaged asphalt out of a paved area so it can be re-done with new, strong asphalt. This is the perfect solution for anyone that wants some repair work done in one spot, but wants to avoid any huge bills and unneeded work. After all is said and done, your parking lot won’t just be looking like new but it’ll be much stronger in that particular area. Find out more about our pavement milling services here.

Rock Hill Asphalt Overlaying

Asphalt overlay is used as an alternative to full-on replacement, it is a method of applying a fresh layer of asphalt to a deteriorating surface that doesn’t require you to start from scratch. In using your existing asphalt for a foundation, you are saving yourself a good deal of time and money in the long-run. Any damaged areas need to be fixed, if just one big crack were to be left for example, it very well could negate all of the other work that was done. Paving over degrading asphalt will only lead to that asphalt falling apart right on top of it. You’ve got to have a strong foundation before you can do anything else. Learn more about our asphalt overlaying services here.

Asphalt Seal Coating & Line Striping

When done correctly and at the right time, a quality seal coating job can effectively double the lifespan of your asphalt, and save you thousands of dollars down the road, while looking great! Among other things, a good seal coating job is going to help your asphalt retain vital oils, keep all water out, and just safeguard your asphalt from the elements in general. Sealcoating offers some serious value if it’s done right and at the right time.

Sealcoating and line painting work almost always go together, oftentimes if you need one you’re going to need the other! If you want a well functioning parking lot, the lines have to be all planned out and be ADA compliant on top of that. They might just be lines painted on the ground, but they dictate the flow and function of your parking lot. Things need to run smoothly and it’s critical that you have the parking spaces needed to accommodate your clientele. Surely at some point, you’ve pulled into a parking lot that was just poorly designed and executed and that’s something that really stands out to most people. Learn more about our seal coating & line striping services here.

Pot Hole Repairs

As long as your damage is minimal, we’re the masters of asphalt repair! It’s just a fact of life that asphalt falls apart over time, whether that be from severe weather, bad drainage, or anything else. Pot holes are only what you see on the surface, it’s likely that you have even more damage underneath that. We closely look at your pavement to identify trouble spots then figure out what the best course of action is going to be for you. More often than not we can just fill in these holes with fresh asphalt for you though. Find out more about our pot hole repair services here.

Asphalt Crack Sealing

We do a lot of asphalt maintenance, and a lot of that is just sealing up cracks. You’ve certainly seen the final results on this before on a few main roads you travel on, it’ll look like traces of tar all over the roadway. You can’t count on it to last forever, but it is perfect if you have cracks and you just need to keep oils, moisture, chemicals, and even vegetation from getting down into those cracks and making them even worse. We’re careful in our application to make sure we cover every little crack, it only takes one crack leftover to allow all of that water and other bad stuff down into the base of your asphalt. Find out more about our asphalt crack sealing services here.

SMI Paving is the source for all your Rock Hill, South Carolina paving service needs. We do asphalt paving for residential and business applications alike. If you’re interested in some of our paving services, please contact us. Not in the Rock Hill, SC area? Check out our Fort Mill SC Paving Services.

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